Seasonal "In and Out" promotions are available to take advantage of sales lifts during the Easter, Summer Vacation, Back to School, Halloween and Christmas periods. Attractive and easy to set up Floor and Countertop displays are available to maximize display space and sales impact. Programs are available on a continuity basis or individually.

All of our products are available in predetermined case pack quantities. Many customers use this as an easy way to fill permanent floor fixtures or to restock displays that they've ordered previously.

We offer three standard displays, the countertop display, the floor display as either a 6 cell or a 12 cell display and a power wing, which can be used with the included base or hung from an end cap. If none of these displays work for your needs, we can work with you to come up with the appropriate style and size display available.

Countertop –
Available for coloring books or for reference books

Floor Display –
Available as either a 6 cell or a 12 cell display

Power wing –
Available as a floor stand or an end cap display

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